To ensure good performance and conservation, it is necessary to correctly maintain agricultural machines, with periodic checks and inspections, and follow the recommendations in the equipment manufacturer’s manual. By doing this, you can extend machine life, reduce downtime and avoid unnecessary expense.

These measures are especially necessary when the equipment works in unfavorable conditions, such as uneven terrain, excessive dust and humidity, among others.

Understand the importance of agricultural machinery maintenance.

With the use of the equipment itself over time, the parts suffer progressive wear that impairs their functioning. As a result, we experience a drop in machine performance, which affects all production in the field. And the worst thing is that this situation usually goes unnoticed, leading to the shutdown of machines for repairs.

Another problem caused by the lack of maintenance of the machines refers to the safety and health of workers. After all, defects and wear and tear on these equipment increase the risk of accidents, such as those caused by electrical failures and loose parts.

Another unintended consequence of lack of maintenance is increased costs. Without proper prevention, machine life is reduced, requiring faster replacement of equipment.

To avoid these problems, preventive maintenance is recommended, which extends the life of the machines, involves more economical repairs and does not interrupt production.

Periodic Check-ups

To ensure the efficiency of agricultural equipment, it should start with periodic check-ups.

Some factors to consider:

  • Tire pressure and condition
  • Crankcase, Radiator, transmission and other fluid level
  • Electrical systems
  • Air and oil filters
  • Lubrication of rotating elements and transmissions
  • Belts Tension
  • Hydraulic Pumps
  • Noise and vibrations
  • Fluids leaks
  • Wear of consumables

If any of these factors are not suitable, it is necessary to take the necessary measures. Otherwise, you may have problems with your machines, with direct consequences for your agribusiness costs.

In addition, to keep the machines in good condition, it is necessary to use them correctly, without overloading them and respecting the instruction manual. Therefore, it is important that the trained operator to perform these daily checks on important machine components.

Cleaning agricultural machinery is another factor that increases the life of this equipment and helps to reduce problems caused by sediment. This procedure is important because the accumulation of dust can compromise the performance of the filters, increase fuel consumption, identify an existing hidden problem and damage other parts. It is recommended to wash the machines with compressed air or with specific detergents, in the most serious cases.

To calculate the replacement time for parts, the hours worked by the machines, the type of soil and the activity carried out by the equipment must be taken into account.

Maintenance intervals must also take into account the working conditions. In more severe services and with sudden weather changes, it is recommended to follow shorter intervals in the maintenance plan.

Tips for good performance.

* Filters should be changed according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

It is recommended to wash the machines with compressed air or with specific detergents, in the most serious cases.

* Activate the hydraulic circuit to prevent oxidation and encrustation.

* After work, clean and wash the internal and external parts, removing leaves and branches. Also, apply lubricant to metal parts.

* Clean radiators to check for dust and impurities.

* Store the machines in a covered, ventilated and dry place to avoid tire deformation.

* Use original consumables for good performance and equipment calibration.

If you would like a check-up for your equipment, please contact us

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