About Us

About us

Cimetal – José Arsenio Mota & Cª, Lda. Is a company founded in 1978 located in Torres Novas – Portugal.

We have a specialized technical staff for our business areas and we support our clients in the project.



The company’s mission is to develop solutions with the client’s requirements for products / services and markets in the following business areas: Agricultural machinery and equipment, systems and structures for conducting and protecting orchards and fencing systems, adding value to products of our customers.



It’s the total satisfaction and customer loyalty by establishing with each of them lasting relationships of trust, assuming and being recognized as a business partner.



Trust, knowledge, ethics, progress, quality and sustainability.


Business Areas

Agricultural Machinery

Marketing and maintenance of agricultural machinery and tools with various solutions and representations.

Agricultural Solutions

Marketing and installation of solutions for structures for the management and protection of orchards (Fruticulture, Viticulture and Olive Growing).

Fencing Solutions

Commercialization and installation of solutions for the sealing of rural, industrial and animal fences.

Quality Policy

The Quality Policy was assumed and defined by the Company Management, whose principles were summarized in a statement, object of broad disclosure.

  • Add value to our clients’ organizations, identifying and satisfying their needs and expectations;
  • Comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements
  • Contribute to a strong and healthy corporate spirit, practicing open leadership, based on principles leadership and positive reinforcement practices – teaching and trusting instead of penalizing – and fostering attitudes of mutual help and motivation within teams;
  • Contribute to professional development and self-confidence of employees, promoting the continuous updating of their technical skills;
  • Comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard and continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system and our services, through self-monitoring and self-evaluation practices;
  • Encourage the active participation of employees, suppliers and customers in our continuous improvement process;
  • Establish and periodically review measurable and achievable objectives that allow the implementation of these guidelines.